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Our Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce is our hottest available sauce. Made from an aged homegrown blend of Carolina Reapers (the hottest pepper in the world) makes this sauce blazing hot but still leaves room for flavours.  Our homegrown tomatoes provide sweetness and fruitiness that will emphasize the flavours in your food. 

The heat level is extreme so this sauce is not for novice or heat-sensitive individuals.


Suggested Pairings: EVERYTHING


Ingredients: Fresh Carolina Reapers, Dried Carolina Reapers, Fresh Tomatoes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Xanthan Gum.


Our black-label line of products is made with unique high-grade quality ingredients. We spent several years developing and tweaking our recipes to select only the best results which define our black-label quality. The process involves aging our homegrown superhot peppers for a minimum of 1 year and using different production techniques like smoking, fermentation or pickling etc...

The outcome is a guaranteed exceptionally flavorful product which is unique and of gourmet quality.


Our products are gluten-free and made from organic non-GMO ingredients. We strive to keep our products as natural and organic as possible.

Carolina Reaper Sauce - Black Label

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